"An invitation to connect, an invitation to sing":

"An invitation to connect, an invitation to sing":

Coco Love Alcorn returns with the accidental choral music of Wonderland (Sept 16, 2016)  

It's April 2014. After years of relentless touring, singer-songwriter Coco Love Alcorn has left city life and taken almost 4 years away from the tour circuit to raise her daughter Ellie. Disconnected from other musicians, Coco has been experimenting writing songs with a 5 track looper, layering vocal tracks on top of each other in real time. As she gets the hang of the technique required to build songs by sampling herself she crafts a soulful song called "The River". Excited about this new direction, Coco films herself performing the gospel-tinged track in her bedroom and posts the magnetic performance on youtube. 

The River video quickly spreads like a wildfire on social media and, before long, a community choir director in Vancouver named Karla Mundy has arranged the layers of loops for a stage full of singers. Within a year the song is being sung by well over 1000 people across 3 countries. It's an aha moment for Coco who realizes that she has accidentally written choral music. When her new record Wonderland lands September 16, 2016, the charismatic singer will be performing with choirs across Canada.   

Fearless and versatile, Coco Love Alcorn has worked in soul, jazz, folk, blues, R&B, pop, rock, country, hip-hop, classical, electro - even children’s music. She's written, recorded, and performed with everyone from Matt Andersen to Valdy and Joel Plaskett to Loudon Wainwright but it wasn't until she became a mother and took a step back that a new direction came in to focus.   

"Everything I’ve ever done has led me here, to Wonderland, a collection of songs that are an invitation to connect, an invitation to sing, and an invitation to myself to dig deeper than ever before", Coco says.   

This sound of layered soulful vocals and message of joyful spirit connection form the foundation of Coco's new musical home. This is more than just another record, Wonderland marks the start of a new project which is redefining Alcorn's career and will arch over multiple albums. #spiritsessions

"After all those years of thinking I was chasing down a sound it turns out I was searching for the right feeling. That feeling is connection."   

For those who have experienced Coco's contagiously joyful and improv-heavy shows, her new musical direction seems like a natural extension of her generous energy.   

Album design: Kate Hall

Album design: Kate Hall http://gravyco.com

"Everyone has a spirit and music is a universal language that can speak to the spirit. So with the human spirit as my muse, I have written songs that are very simple yet come from a very deep place", Coco explains.  

Coco borrowed from the traditions of gospel, soul and folk to craft the songs on Wonderland. Tastefully produced by Andy Sheppard (Find the Others), this organic-sounding record is packed with music that is melodic, raw and vibrant that draws the listener in. The album ranges from intimate moments to celebratory ones while remaining soulful all the way through. Wonderland feels eerily familiar and entirely fresh at the same time.   

Alcorn’s career has arched across 10 albums, many tours and collaborations, notable success in TV and film licensing, and over two decades. Wonderland is her proudest work to date and also marks the beginning of her new direction. Coco is passionate about writing and singing spirit songs for all and creating as many opportunities for connecting through the joy of singing as possible.    

“Coco is the ultimate musical spark plug...an electrical connector through which the creative energy flows. In my 30 years of touring around the world, I have never seen another performer able to bring people together like Coco does.” - JamesKeelaghan-ArtistDirector, Summerfolk and renowned Canadian singer/songwriter