From the recording Wonderland


That Old Feeling - Coco Love Alcorn

Bb/// F/// Bb/// C///
Bb/// Dm/// F/ C/ F///
We break bread
And we drink wine
What a good way
To pass a little time
We share our joys
And the tears we've cried
We couldn't let each other go
If we tried

F/ C/ Bb/// Bb/ C/ F/// x2
We gather round when we can
And we let ourselves be true
Doesn't matter how the years go by
That old feeling always comes through

Familiar jokes
And smiles we know
And those old stories
That feel like home
Lights dim low
And spirits are high
This is worth more
Than anything I could buy


When the night
Is winding down
And there's a little more
Silence in the sound
Oh, we start to wonder
How long will it be
Till we find ourselves back
In this company