1. Wonderland

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Wonderland - Lyrics and music by Coco Love Alcorn

G /// Em /// C /// D ///
There is joy
Here on earth
Oh joy, In every 
Handful of dirt
There is joy 
In the simple things
When I look up at the sky
And clouds are slowly drifting by
This can give my spirit wings

Oh I believe
(Oh, Yes I do… I believe)
I’m living in a wonderland
(Oh, I’m living in a wonderland)
And all I need
(Oh, Yes I do… I believe)
I already have
(Oh, what I have… is what I need)

There is joy
Surrounding me
When I'm looking with my heart
Beautiful is all I see
Oh joy… I find joy
In all the good people I know
And I still have life to live
And I still have love to give
And I’ll believe
Beyond the day I go