1. Trouble

From the recording Wonderland


Trouble - lyrics and music by Coco Love Alcorn

Cm (throughout)

Oh trouble you keep comin around
And knocking at my door
Oh trouble I'm getting tired of hurt
I don't wanna let you in no more
Oh trouble you been hangin around
From the moment of my dawn
Oh trouble not gonna let me go
Till the day (that) I am gone

Trouble trouble
You ain't no friend of mine
Trouble trouble
Love wins every time
Trouble trouble
Love gonna see me through
Trouble trouble
My love is stronger than you

Trouble, you never give up
You're working night and day
Trouble you even sneak in
To the words that people say
Trouble you been hiding in corners
Waiting patiently
Trouble now that I see the truth
I know the remedy


Love. Trouble's no match for you
Love. Love gonna see us through

Oh trouble you keep picking a fight
And tryna push me down
But love gonna come and lift me up
Every time I hit the ground
Oh trouble you keep showing up
Who invited you
Trouble now we know your tricks
And we know what to do

CH, BR, Ch