1. The River

From the recording Wonderland


The River - lyrics and music by Coco Love Alcorn

A / / / A / E /
A / F#m / E / A /

The river is a healer
The river is a sage
The river knows no end 
And the river feels no age
The river is a leader 
Every single day
It’s living in the moment 
And it always finds a way

Water heal my body 
Water heal my soul 
When I go down, down 
To the water
By the water I feel whole

The river calls me over
It's calling out my name
In the day and in the night
I hear that river all the same
It's calling me over
Calling out my pain
Oh a river gathers tears 
Just like a river gathers rain


The river is a traveller 
Always on the go
A river never worries 
If it's fast or if it's slow
River take me
To where I need to go 
Oh, and I will just relax 
And let the river flow