Wonderland Singers

Come sing with Coco Love Alcorn in the Wonderland Singers. A virtual online non-auditioned singing workshop series with a community choir spirit. :)  

Do you love to sing? Do you wish you were singing more? Me too! Always... so let's do this, let's get our sing on. Together we will explore melody, harmony, rhythm, creativity, improvisation, inspiration, ideas, and all the soulfulness, playfulness, spirit connection and fun we can discover through the joy of singing.  

WHEN: Two weekly groups :)

Tuesday afternoons 2pm-3:30pm EST (So, 2pm/Toronto, 11am/Vancouver, 3pm Halifax... etc) 

Wednesday nights 7pm-8:30pm EST (So, 7pm/Toronto, 4pm/Vancouver, 8pm Halifax... etc) 

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