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Falling Into You - lyrics and music by Coco Love Alcorn and John Alcorn

This ain't your average sort of love affair
‘'Cause average love affairs don’'t feel like this
Wakin’' up in the mornin’' on either good side of the bed
I open my eyes and see your smiling face
And I feel joy in your arms knowin’' I'd never wanna leave this place

I’'ve been livin’' on love and I’'ve been losing myself
Well is this gravity or is this something else
Like the rhythm in the song of the moon

I am falling into you
I am falling into you

And I ain’'t your ordinary sort of happy girl in love
‘Cause happy girls in love don’'t feel like this
Walls are comin’ down and I feel your footsteps next to mine
As I’'m dancing through the shadows and the light
This is joy that I feel and I know ‘'cause it’s keeping me awake at night

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