1. Props

From the recording Joyful

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here’s a little inventory list of my likes
I’ll start it off with nature hikes
a nice hot soak at the end of the day
a big full moon to light my way
mangos and spicy food and learning new things
a killer band that really swings
there’s lots more to come but first let’s jump ahead
to the chorus ’cause that’s where this rhyming scheme has led

right on right on (right on right on) x 2
givin’ props to the nouns and verbs you love
’cause that’s what your smiles are made of

rescued buttons off of old winter coats
a jazz player hittin’ unexpected notes
a tight one piece pantsuit with a zip up front
and those people that always get away with being blunt
sci fi visions of the future comin’ from the past
it’s groovy that space is so very vast
eryka badu, bjork and beck
old soul records spinnin’ on the deck


voices in harmony and tight unison
breezy summer days, where you been
my husbands kisses night and day
and a big dewy rainbow gettin’ in my way
sewing by hand and by machine
my lego collection is the biggest I’ve seen
rockin’ the block with coloured chalk
and walkin’ the walk after talkin’ the talk