From the recording Joyful

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to all the guys out there
thinkin’ they’re the shit
with hot friends, clothes and cars
n’ hangin’ in the smoke pit
it’s a boy with glasses
and A’s in his math and science classes
that can win my heart
n’ kick all the jocks asses
Hey who’s that over there
playin’ D&D
I’m thinkin’ that he
could be the one for me
he’s got a calculus book
and a geeky look
and a little peek at me
I think he just took

I like boys
intellectual boys
they know the metal alloys
collect sci-fi toys
I like boys
intellectual boys
they think they like Diana Troi’s
they need to taste my joys

four eyes are twice as nice
as only two
and if you’re shy don’t worry
I know just what to do
stay up real late
n’ talk math under the moonlight
and the possibility of life
in galexies beyond our sight
you got a telescope
and it looks real long
so glad I picked you
and not the boy with the bong
and now that jacket from your debate
team is comin’ off
’cause it’s time for us to play
each other’s prof
you can teach to me
everything you know
and I’ll teach you
how to take it slow
with mathematical precision
you can do long division
and I know that you know about
nuclear fission
but now I’m blissin’ and I’m wishin’
to complete this mission
of a whole new kind of
subtraction and addition


and if you’re in the chess club
huh a bub that’s even better
’cause a well played end game
gets me…
check mate I’ll be your pawn
and you can be my knight
’cause I know that your logical
thinking skills are tight
so let your king lay back
and with my queen I’ll attack
a little later I can be
your bishop’s midnight snack
rook rollin’ it all the way
that’s the way I play
since 1986
I’ve been known to say


well, most Jeff Goldbloom
characters meet compliance
and so do the geeks
from that movie Weird Science
I like Steve Jobs
and Bill Gates too
Wesley Crusher, Doogie Howser
and Chomsky… to name a few
a younger Einstien
woulda’ been super fine
yeah I like to get down
with a Mensa mind
now here’s why I melt
for a brainy guy
I tend to moan and sigh
when I hear the digits of pi