A new original and a new cover song posted to YouTube. :)

Hello world, I’m attempting to form a new habit; post a minimum of one new performance to YouTube each week. This week I’ve started with a bang by posting two songs in just three days… “Ain’t No Sunshine” – Bill … Continue reading

“missed the show” – a new mini song by Coco Love

Well I’m sure you can guess what this one’s about. Earlier today I missed a plane which led to missing a show. Not cool. At least my embarrassment managed to fuel an inspired afternoon with my ukulele. Here are the … Continue reading

Matt & Coco fall in love

Coco recently met singer-songwriter Matt Epp at OCFF. Hearing him perform, she fell in love with his simple, understated style. This led Coco to convincing Matt to fly across the entire country (he’s in Newfoundland the day before) to join … Continue reading

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